Krysta Amelia ✨🌞🍦🍉🌴



The rise of hate crimes towards the Asian American community is staggering. I wanted to bring awareness and spread the word on the traumatic facts that Asian Americans are facing today so that the community can stand united against racism.

I created wallpaper to rally help and remind everyone that being anti racist includes acknowledging the Asian-American experience. I chose the humble chinese cabbage, aka pak choi, as it symbolizes prosperity in Chinese. It is also one of my grandparent’s favorite vegetable, as it lasts for a long time #protectourelders
Asian hate crimes have risen up to 160% in New York. It’s scary to know that it’s happening in one of the most diverse city in US, that also happens to be my home. I helped donate and create graphics to support a movement that helps Asian women, elderly, and LGBTQ+ to safely travel without fear of being attacked.