Krysta Amelia ✨🌞🍦🍉🌴

Okonomi Publishing Edition #1

Sushi For Everyone

Working with Yuji Haraguchi of Okonomi Market, I designed and illustrated the first edition of Yuji’s Shokuiku 食育 (Food Education) series. We started off the series with everyone’s favorite, sushi. To gather IRL references, I experienced an interactive sushi class from Yuji himself at his East Village fish market. I learned not only how to make different types of sushis, but also the history and different sushi inventions that have adjusted with local taste buds/culture.

Okonomi Market

Located in Brooklyn, Okonomi Market is a collaboration of Osakana and Okonomi // Yuji Ramen. The market offers a full menu of Japanese bento boxes and mazemen for take-away, along with retail Japanese-grade fish and specialty Japanese groceries.

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