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Allez Motorbike: Branding and Product Concept

Motorcycles in Asia have been proven to be a very functional and diverse vehicle, from inter-city traveling to transporting bulk goods, it has many usage that stemmed from the needs of its people.

Allez Motorbike Promo Reel

Allez motorbike was designed to accomodate the many needs of an on-the-go society. The starter pack to get going is the Allez motor body that comes with a front utility basket.

Through research and implementation of user-first methodology, the standard motorbike has the potential to be redesigned for the needs of Asia’s modern society, and possibly all countries.

Allez motorbike is infinitely customizable, making your life easier and more efficient.

The handle bar at the bottom of the bike seat has a handle bar that’s capable of holding multifunctional extensions.

Focusing on Allez’s tagline, “Infinitely Customizable,” the branding and logo design reflected the ease and interchangability to customize the bike for every individual.