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Client: MarketAxess
Agency: RF|Binder
Chief Creative Officer: David Weinstock
Design Director: Krysta Amelia Hartono
Sr Production Coordinator: Kelly Paschall
Copywriter: Ian Keldoulis
Animator: Alec Donovan

SensAI for MarketAxess

Regulators are becoming more focused on the quality of regulatory reporting data. MarketAxess, a leading electronic trading platform for fixed-income trading, came out with a new product that will help traders understand the quality of their reporting data, and how to fix any potential errors.

SensAI is an AI assistant that eliminates the guesswork and measures the quality of reporting through an intuitive visual display. SensAI matches both sides of trade and detects differences. It uses sophisticated technology that enables rapid benchmarking against market participants and counterparties.

Winner of Two Awards
45th Annual Telly Awards

Gold in Use of Animation
Silver in Products & Services

Telly Awards

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